The Rules of the First Date

Much has been already said about how the girls should behave and what to say during the first date, yet there still remain questions without answers. Let’s summarize our knowledge concerning this topic and prepare for your greatest adventure – the first date.

The preparation begins far before this event – you choose what to wear, try not to eat much on the previous day in order to have a flat stomach at least for one evening, you may even decide to go to hairdresser. I know that some of you will disagree with me, but I will nevertheless risk saying – it is all pointless. Yes, you have heard me right, I think the most important thing is to look natural, to feel comfortable in your clothes and be yourself. Do you really think that the guy will notice that your skirt is fashionable and expensive? Believe me, it is your smile and your shining eyes that will attract him more than any dress.

Next, a few words about what to say. It is quiet easy – say what you want, do not pretend to be someone else. If the guy do not want to accept the real you, than there is no reason to continue dating him. I advice you also to listen to your partner attentively and do not interrupt him. Ask questions, show that you are interested in him, but try not to be annoying, some questions are not permitted on the first date, like, for example, how much money he earns and what is the number of his ex girlfriends. As for the topic of exes, avoid it completely! Do not compare him to your previous boyfriend even mentally, though I know this task may be hard to perform.

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Autism is Caused by the Lack of Folic Acid

The recent studies show that the most of the human somatic and mental disorders are caused by the imbalance of the folic acid in the organism. Most of the patients suffering from different illnesses (from the stomach ulcer to autism) lack folacine or folic acid, known as the pteroil-glutamic acid. It is an essential vitamin which is referred to the vitamin group B. Its other names are Bc or B9 vitamin and the Lactobacillus casei factor, but these terms became obsolete today. The modern term folic acid received from the Latin word “folium” which means “a leaf” because first it was extracted from the green leaves of plants in 1941. It is contained in all the organs and tissues of animals, plants, microorganisms and human bodies, which are however unable to produce it themselves. That’s why a human must consume it with food. In addition to that the folic acid doesn’t tend to be accumulated in the tissues of the body and its stock is to be supplied daily.

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Top 5 Scariest Movies Ever

The popularity of a horror film depends upon whether its plot will be able to scare or shock the viewers. The horrors that became classic ones once became the reason for repeating nightmares and insomnia among two or three generations, but nowadays they can hardly be found scary. A few decades age they were revolutionary and unique. But according to the modern standard they lack emotional strain and action. So what movies can be considered to be the best examples of the horror film industry today? Here is the list of movies every horror addict must see.

  • The Ring is likely to become a new horror movie standard. Its plot is very simple. The cursed tape containing scary images and everyone who watches it will be killed by the girl crawling out of toe telly in a few days. Hollywood made a remake of the Asian original move quite successfully though the American version received a number of negative comments from the critics. Anyway this movie manages to keep the viewer in tension up to the end. The scary appearance of the ghostly girl is reminding of a corpse so there’s no need to follow the events to experience fear.

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How to survive at school

Once on my way from work I met my 15-year-old neighbor’s daughter. We were walking home together, and during our half hour walk she told me some pretty private things. Honestly I didn’t expect such difficulties could happen to a young girl, and nevertheless I was glad she open her heart to me that day. Well, the thing was that the girl, let’s call her Ann, suffered from her classmate’s attacks. She is a good student, and as a result not that popular with the ‘bad girls’. She told me the guys threw or hide her bag and laugh at her. The problem of that nice girl were huge, though there were no reasons for it: she is quite good-looking, smart and funny, but…shy. Anyway the fact she told it to me was the first step of solving her problem. So many young people keep silence about the bullying at school. It’s good when a teenager will tell his or her relatives or teachers about it. Your parents can really help you, it’s really great to feel support and love. Moreover sometimes the parents of the offender have no idea of their child horrible behavior, so they will be punished and you’ll have a chance to stop these scoffing. The main thing still is not to react to the attacks. The offenders are waiting for you to cry and be upset and mad. Don’t give them a chance to see you in the other state, don’t let them win. The thing is that people who behave this way quite often aren’t that smart, and are ‘tuning up’ for this destructive wave, you will accept the rules of this clottish game. The positive reaction on the outrage can disarm a rowdy. And don’t recollect in your head the details of the quarrel, don’t waste your precious time.

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Want a cheap trip?

I love traveling. It has always been a special point of my life. I love seeing new places, meeting new people, experiencing fresh emotions, and just escaping from the routines of my daily life. So, this is a very exciting, but expensive pastime. But in fact, making some effort, you can travel all over the world almost for free. To tell the truth, the idea that traveling is expensive is distributed by the touristic companies, hotels and the media themselves. Obviously, the tourist business is interested in you buying only “all inclusive” vouchers. But you can arrange your trip yourself, and see how cheap it is.
So, first of all you can cut down expenses on your air tickets. Monitor to prices. It can happen that the price for the tickets could be reduces approximately two weeks before the departure, and then a few days later jump again. Try to follow the prices on such avia companies as Momondo and Expedia. It’s very likelihood you’ll find something extremely cheap.

Then, obviously, you should book a hotel or a hostel. If you’re planning to visit a touristic country, like Turkey, Egypt or Thailand, you’d rather book a hotel. There’s no need to book five-stars hotels: hotels of lower rating are still comfortable: finally, you’re going there not for staying in your room. Three or four stars hotels are perfect as well. Moreover you may choose a hotel only with breakfast included. It’s quite comfortable in the morning as you needn’t look for a cafe around, but take a fresh and healthy meal.
If you are not accustomed to deny yourself nothing, then you can stay at a high-class hotel, but find a companion. As you know, living in a single room is way more expensive, while double rooms are always more profitable. If you go on vacation with your child, choose a hotel that offers discounts for kids.

Another way to save money on hotels is to choose a low season. It’s not a secret that Christmas holidays are one of the most favorite time for traveling. If you don’t want to be dumped with crows of countrymen, you’d rather choose another month.For example, it’s known that in some counties in November and the first part of December it’s not that crowded.

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How to Make a Fancy Soap At Home

Soap is a must have item one should have at home, moreover there are different kinds of soap having various purposes applied to a lot of things to do. You can use soap for cleaning your linen, washing hands, and use as a good care for your skin. It is also a good gift to hand to your dearest friends especially if you make a fancy piece yourself at the same time establishing your passion for creativity and imagination and putting your heart to this amazing present.

What will you need to create a beautiful soap at home? It is all simple: you will need a kitchen with a microwave or an oven, a soap base and various oils: aromatic ones and those you would like to add to the soap as an addition which is beneficial for skin.

So here are a few pieces of advice you can follow to produce a soap:

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