How to Make a Fancy Soap At Home

Soap is a must have item one should have at home, moreover there are different kinds of soap having various purposes applied to a lot of things to do. You can use soap for cleaning your linen, washing hands, and use as a good care for your skin. It is also a good gift to hand to your dearest friends especially if you make a fancy piece yourself at the same time establishing your passion for creativity and imagination and putting your heart to this amazing present.

What will you need to create a beautiful soap at home? It is all simple: you will need a kitchen with a microwave or an oven, a soap base and various oils: aromatic ones and those you would like to add to the soap as an addition which is beneficial for skin.

So here are a few pieces of advice you can follow to produce a soap:

  1. Take a soap base and cube it so that it can be easily melted down. In case you don’t have any idea where to get a soap base check local Internet stores for soap maker; I’m pretty sure you have at least one store of this kind in your town. Put the cubes in a glass and place it to your microwave oven for 1 minute. Now you are ready to add special ingredients.

  2. Start with a pigment. I would recommend that you choose a color that will match the smell of the soap you prefer to infuse it with. If you pick for example a cherry smell, take a red pigment and add a few drops to the soap base till you get the color you want.

  3. Proceed with a fragrance component, or even better, essential oil. However there is no possibility to make an essential oil from a cherry fruit so you will need an aroma oil . Add a few drops till you feel as much smell as you planned.

  4. The next step is pouring basic oil. The best kind of oil is wheat germ oil, olive oil, coconut oil and so on. Generally it must be any other oil you want. I would definitely add jojoba oil because it is extremely helpful and useful for skin and for hair. By the way the soap you make can be applied as a hair shampoo as well.

  5. Mix all the ingredients carefully. Try not to make bubbles or otherwise it would look not really good.

  6. The soap is ready to pour it to a container. You can take a special silicone template or a kids’ sand mold, depending on what you have at home and fill this one with a liquid soap. If there are still some small bubbles in its surface spray it with ethyl alcohol and they will go away.

After completing these easy steps you will have to put the container to the fridge and wait for some time for it to harden. Then get the soap out and wrap it into clingfilm.

The gift is ready!

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