Top 5 Scariest Movies Ever

The popularity of a horror film depends upon whether its plot will be able to scare or shock the viewers. The horrors that became classic ones once became the reason for repeating nightmares and insomnia among two or three generations, but nowadays they can hardly be found scary. A few decades age they were revolutionary and unique. But according to the modern standard they lack emotional strain and action. So what movies can be considered to be the best examples of the horror film industry today? Here is the list of movies every horror addict must see.

  • The Ring is likely to become a new horror movie standard. Its plot is very simple. The cursed tape containing scary images and everyone who watches it will be killed by the girl crawling out of toe telly in a few days. Hollywood made a remake of the Asian original move quite successfully though the American version received a number of negative comments from the critics. Anyway this movie manages to keep the viewer in tension up to the end. The scary appearance of the ghostly girl is reminding of a corpse so there’s no need to follow the events to experience fear.

  • Session 9 is an American thriller telling a story of the group of young people got stuck in an abandoned asylum. The disturbed souls of the dead patients tormented by the barbaric treatment start haunting them. But not only the patients’ souls habitat the empty wards. The doctors who died a long time ago also refuse to rest in peace. What should the living ones do? Yes, sacrifice themselves. But the nightmares don’t cease after their death as the ghosts of the inhabitants of these asylum had a chance to get outside its walls.
  • Martyrs is probably one of the best horrors produced by the French movie industry. This is a film for the experienced viewers as it contains a great amount of blood, torture scenes and no signs of mercy. This is a deep film depicting the violence of a human mind which cause the desire to see the ending resist the desire to switch the video off immediately.
  • A Tale of Two Sisters. This Korean masterpiece depicts the nature of a feminine dark mind accompanied by a soundtrack reminding of the melody which can be heard from a musicbox. This subtle delicate music contrasts with the complicated plot containing two mentally ill sisters, their cruel stepmother, the father who seems to behave abnormally and a completely mad ghost. The scene one of the girls having her first period should be watched with the lights on, as it is unbelievably scary for its growing tension and the atmosphere of threatening evil power followed by a ghost’s face suddenly popping up.

  • The Orphanage is the first serious Spanish horror movies recognized abroad. The plot can be viewed from two different angles. That may be a story of an orphan house full of the ghosts of the children who were killed a long time ago. They still found themselves stuck between the world of the dead and the living one and are imprisoned in their gloomy home. Or you may see the film as a thriller where all the ghosts may appear to be imaginary. The absence of blood or unexpected moments doesn’t prevent the movie from being one of the creepiest ones.
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