Autism is Caused by the Lack of Folic Acid

The recent studies show that the most of the human somatic and mental disorders are caused by the imbalance of the folic acid in the organism. Most of the patients suffering from different illnesses (from the stomach ulcer to autism) lack folacine or folic acid, known as the pteroil-glutamic acid. It is an essential vitamin which is referred to the vitamin group B. Its other names are Bc or B9 vitamin and the Lactobacillus casei factor, but these terms became obsolete today. The modern term folic acid received from the Latin word “folium” which means “a leaf” because first it was extracted from the green leaves of plants in 1941. It is contained in all the organs and tissues of animals, plants, microorganisms and human bodies, which are however unable to produce it themselves. That’s why a human must consume it with food. In addition to that the folic acid doesn’t tend to be accumulated in the tissues of the body and its stock is to be supplied daily.

The organism easily looses the great amounts of folacine.The average form of its deficiency is the most wide-spread metabolism disorder today as the California University researchers inform. This deficiency is presumable to be developed due to gastratrophia, celiac disease, malabsorption syndrome and cause the folacine deficiency by the insufficient inflow.

The folic acid deficiency during the pregnancy appeared to be the main cause of the autism. Jacquelin McCandless, a pediatrician carried out the research which showed that the children who suffer form autism lack the folacines badly. The amount of folic acid in their blood is less than normal for more than 1600 mgr. This lack is partially caused by the insufficient amount of folates in their mothers’ organisms during being pregnant.

The other part of young patients develop insufficiency as the result of the medication. The barbiturates and sulfasalazine used in the treatment of the epilepsy may reduce the insensitivity an frequency of the seizures but prevents the absorption of folacine. This way the medicine improves the clinical picture, removing the positive symptoms of autism but developing the negative ones. They may get tired easily and grow more reserved. The complex therapy including boosting the folic acid levels in their organism will provide more fruitful effect.

Except autism the children lacking the folacine may be subjected to hypotrophy, though not being malnourished and consuming all the necessary nutrients, suppression of bone marrow functioning, disruption of the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract membrane, leading to a late psychomotor development.

The lack of folic acid also explains such neurological problems as dementia and depression, the sleep disorders of various types and the ambivalent mood and behavior disorders.

The recent studies of the possibilites given by the folic acid treatment show that the children suffering from autism can be helped by the new medication combined with the traditional therapy. That may give the opportunity to relief their state and integrate them into the socety.

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