The Rules of the First Date

Much has been already said about how the girls should behave and what to say during the first date, yet there still remain questions without answers. Let’s summarize our knowledge concerning this topic and prepare for your greatest adventure – the first date.

The preparation begins far before this event – you choose what to wear, try not to eat much on the previous day in order to have a flat stomach at least for one evening, you may even decide to go to hairdresser. I know that some of you will disagree with me, but I will nevertheless risk saying – it is all pointless. Yes, you have heard me right, I think the most important thing is to look natural, to feel comfortable in your clothes and be yourself. Do you really think that the guy will notice that your skirt is fashionable and expensive? Believe me, it is your smile and your shining eyes that will attract him more than any dress.

Next, a few words about what to say. It is quiet easy – say what you want, do not pretend to be someone else. If the guy do not want to accept the real you, than there is no reason to continue dating him. I advice you also to listen to your partner attentively and do not interrupt him. Ask questions, show that you are interested in him, but try not to be annoying, some questions are not permitted on the first date, like, for example, how much money he earns and what is the number of his ex girlfriends. As for the topic of exes, avoid it completely! Do not compare him to your previous boyfriend even mentally, though I know this task may be hard to perform.

Now let’s talk about your behavior. The first date is a very nervous event and you may want to relax a little bit. It’s normal to have a drink or two, it may even help to brighten the conversation and break the ice between you two. But do not get drunk, it produces poor impression and may lead to unexpected results. Remember, that the guy sees you for the first time, he does not know you yet and he can think that getting drunk is an ordinary thing for you.

All in all, this article is only a recommendation and it is not necessary to follow it. Each date is unique, so just listen to your intuition and act as you feel.

There is one more issue concerning first dates – what should we do when it is over? Lots of girls doubt whether they should call the guy first r just sit and wait. There does not exist a strict answer to this question. My personal opinion is that you should not be too active. If the guy liked you he will find the way to reach you no matter how busy he is. But again, it is only a recommendation. If you feel you should call – do it, because it is you who knows better in this case.

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