Top 10 Most Expensive Advertisements

It is a well-known fact that companies invest a lot of money in their promo campaigns. Paying thousands of dollars for a short ad may look ridiculous, but in fact, these campaigns turn out to be 100% ergonomically justified in no time. Let’s check the most expensive examples.

1. Apple’s Macintosh, 1984. $600, 000 for 60 second video. This ad was made by a famous movie director Ridley Scott. The video is not actually an advertisement in the full meaning of the word, but a short masterpiece of cinematography that echoes with Orwell’s “1984”.

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Tips for Those Who Travel With Pets

Your pets won’t get absorbed into a book during the travel. They won’t be constantly asking “Where are we now?” and won’t spill the juice all over the backseat. But they have their own natural demands which should be met during the trip so their owners are to plan carefully the necessary things and get ready all the items that may be required.

  • All the pets traveling together with their owners are to have the vet passports and the certificate of vaccination. Each time you go traveling you may use the luggage label with the address and contact information of the owner and the surety in the case if the owner is not available.

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How To Become A Woman That A Man Will Never Ever Leave: 7 Hot Tips For A Real Woman

Every woman knows what a perfect model of a man looks like: it is deaf and mute captain of the ship. But what is a perfect model of a wife? What a woman should be like in order any man to be happy to be with her?

Be Unpredictable

Coco Chanel used to mention in her interviews that if a woman wants to be irreplaceable, she should change all the time. It’s not only about clothes and makeup, it’s about your behavioral patterns as well. You can be a little helpless girl whom he wants to give a pat on the back today, a Goddess of sex obsessed with pleasures tomorrow, and a homey housewife the day after tomorrow. You can’t go wrong choosing such tactics because it works with any man and was clinically proven by thousands of women across the globe.

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Cyrpus for Travelers and Shopoholics

Exotic islands situated in warm seas, with its azure lagoons, white sand and paradise-like scenery seem to be perfect places for relaxation and rest. However, the citizens of big cities may find some discomfort in being practically completely isolated from the modern civilizations they got used to. Choosing Cyprus as a place to spend your vacation is a perfect way to enjoy all advantages of living on an island without refusing from the activities of big cities, such as eventful night life and shopping.

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6 signs of being a shopaholic

How often do you buy new things? Don’t be in a hurry, the question is important! Answering it, you should consider all your recent purchases in order to be objective. The fact is that the modern consumer situation is the following: greater variety of goods gives a greater desire to buy. You have what to choose and that’s why you must choose at least anything and spend your money on it.

As far as you can understand, here I would like to speak about the new disease of the modern world – shopaholism. The saddest thing about this is not only women suffering from this thing, but also men. Though, statistics say the percentage of women-shopaholics is much bigger, so let’s speak about constantly buying girls.

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Back to childhood!

Have you ever had an idea of returning back to childhood, to become a carefree child again? At least once? At least for a day? For me, I miss the innocence and the fact that I didn’t know the world could be such a cold and severe place. I swear you think about it sometimes too, when you are exhausted by daily routine and stressed out by computers and documents.

But look, there are many ways to go back to childhood, to the time when everything is so simple and all the problems could be fixed with a hug or a kiss. No, I am not speaking about a time machine. I mean you can entertain yourself the way you used to do when you were small enough.

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