Back to childhood!

Have you ever had an idea of returning back to childhood, to become a carefree child again? At least once? At least for a day? For me, I miss the innocence and the fact that I didn’t know the world could be such a cold and severe place. I swear you think about it sometimes too, when you are exhausted by daily routine and stressed out by computers and documents.

But look, there are many ways to go back to childhood, to the time when everything is so simple and all the problems could be fixed with a hug or a kiss. No, I am not speaking about a time machine. I mean you can entertain yourself the way you used to do when you were small enough.

For example, if you are creative, you can arrange a “children’s party”. Choose one day or evening and call on your friends to prepare together everything for this party. You can make meal you used to eat when you were little kids, if your that time ration wasn’t the same as a current one, of course.

Put a funny tablecloth, decorate the walls and windows with bright toys, balloons and posters, throw about candies. Warn your friends that there will be a dress-code on this party. Everyone should put on childish clothes: short fluffy dresses, bows in hair, funny bright shorts and T-shirts, bibs. If there are any volunteers, they can put on diapers. It’s up to them to decide whether to wear it on a naked body or on trousers:) Buy some pacifiers. For drinking you can prepare baby bottles instead of glasses. You can decide whether to have hot drinks on your party or to drink just soda ( like in your childhood, right?). But if you want to burn away the tensions in the room, as people could feel awkward for the first time, you’d rather buy some alcohol and pour it into your baby bottles. It’s so funny to look at gown-ups sucking a teat! Nevertheless you can sign up the bottles with the word ‘milk’, so it will be more realistic.

Suggest your guests plying children’s games. Forget about all the problems and go back to your childhood. Sing your favorite children’s songs, make a competition collecting puzzles or working with plasticine and then make a gallery choosing the best picture or figure, made by your guests. The gifts for the best one should be something from your childhood: look for the old-school stuff in the Internet or souvenir shops. A funny-formed soap, a toy, a book with big colorful pictures could also be a good present. In the end of the party you can watch cartoons. Choose that one which can arouse nostalgia and tender emotions: there’s nothing better than singing the songs from the cartoons and following your favorite characters again, repeating their phrases which you know by heart. If the weather is fine, you may visit an amusement park. Don’t be afraid to seem childish riding a merry-go-round, eating cotton-candy and assisting street clowns. It’s so funny!

To find more ideas, try to have a deeper look at children around you, paying attention on their games and entertainment. Go back to your childhood! Believe me, this is the best way to feel alive.

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