6 signs of being a shopaholic

How often do you buy new things? Don’t be in a hurry, the question is important! Answering it, you should consider all your recent purchases in order to be objective. The fact is that the modern consumer situation is the following: greater variety of goods gives a greater desire to buy. You have what to choose and that’s why you must choose at least anything and spend your money on it.

As far as you can understand, here I would like to speak about the new disease of the modern world – shopaholism. The saddest thing about this is not only women suffering from this thing, but also men. Though, statistics say the percentage of women-shopaholics is much bigger, so let’s speak about constantly buying girls.

You certainly never admit you are addicted to shopping. Why? You just go and buy the things you like. Is that forbidden? Of course not. But, girls, if you find any signs similar to your behavior among the ones I’m going to enlist here – beware, you need help;) Here they are, the characteristics making you a shopaholic:

  1. You get things that you can’t afford paying for. In reality, if you clearly know your income you would never buy this skirt, because it costs more money than you spend on food every month. What shopaholics do: no matter what you’re going to eat and how you are going to reach your office – you just go and buy this over-expensive skirt.
  2. You are aware of your spending money habit and do everything not to reveal this secret to others. Usually people are not afraid of telling their relatives and friends about going to the shop and buying this ‘n’ that.What shopaholics do: you will invent any lies, including the one that this new bag was presented to you by Louis Vuitton himself, to not only tell others you’ve wasted several hundred dollars on it.
  3. All the money leftovers are spent at once. Normally people save the money they have left after paying all the bills at the end of the month. What shopaholics do: spend, waste, throwing here and there and, again, SPEND!

  4. You’re the most irritated person the day you don’t buy anything. Women don’t need a new pair of shoes every day. Or a new shirt. Or this nice green scarf. What shopaholics do: you think the day without a single new fresh thing is the worst day ever.

  5. Shopping is your only way to relax. Sports, books, dates, walks, dancing, etc. – these are the ways of relaxation of women in their everyday life. What shopaholics do: when you feel distressed you just go and spend your last money on a thing you will never wear or use. No matter what for this is done, buying=calmness.

Found at least anything familiar here? Go get some help! No, seriously! Doctors admit that now shopaholism transforms into the addiction of the highest level and people having troubles with spending money need a professional medical treatment to return to normal life. So, if you find that the characteristics enlisted here resemble you at some point, try to solve this problem. It’s much better to find sense in other joyful things than to be a beggar in fashionable clothes and wardrobes full of unnecessary stuff.

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