Cyrpus for Travelers and Shopoholics

Exotic islands situated in warm seas, with its azure lagoons, white sand and paradise-like scenery seem to be perfect places for relaxation and rest. However, the citizens of big cities may find some discomfort in being practically completely isolated from the modern civilizations they got used to. Choosing Cyprus as a place to spend your vacation is a perfect way to enjoy all advantages of living on an island without refusing from the activities of big cities, such as eventful night life and shopping.

After landing in the airport of Larnaca you will soon find out that Cyprus is spacious and relaxed, or at least it can be said about its part situated between Larnaca and Limassol with its endless plains and hills. Limassol is hospitable, joyous and livid city which is suitable for the beginning of your acquaintance with Cyprus.

The seafront of Limassol is beautiful and insidious as you can fall into a kind of walking trance and cover the distance of five or ten km under the mild sun. On the one side you will see picturesque hills, on the other – mandarin trees, beach and the line of highway. On the seafront you are provided with a wide choice of hotels, so there is no need to walk far from this amazing and peaceful scenery.

It seems that on Cyprus every stone has its historical value so you should better take your chance to learn more about the historical and cultural aspect of the island. Legendary Curium where the biggest archeological excavation is made is a place worth visiting. In ancient times it was a separate city-state. You will admire Greek-Roman amphitheater where the musical events are still held, and villa Evstolia with its mosaic floors. Then you can visit the castle of Colossi which was built on the place of a fortress of the knight order of Saint Joann of Jerusalem. The castle has observation site which can be reached with the help of steep spiral staircase and provides a fantastic view on the island.

In the historic center of Limassol you will find shopping street – Makarios Avenue with boutiques of European brands. The best place to buy souvenirs is Agios Andreas. On Cyprus you can buy culinary presents such as syrup of algarroba, Cyprian honey and marmalade, Halloumi cheese and huge olives. As to the decorative garments, you are simply bound to buy lacy handicraft embroidery, lefkaritica, which is made only in this country and even pictured on the local currency. Besides, Cyprus is famous for its silver adornments made according to secret technology and Commandaria sweet dessert wine.

After having satisfied your shopaholic needs you can enjoy the night life of the island, which ceases to be calm and peaceful when the darkness comes. There is a great number of night clubs but it is far better to listen to the European hits dancing on the beach disco under the light of bright stars which will illuminate the seafront better than any artificial projectors.

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