How To Become A Woman That A Man Will Never Ever Leave: 7 Hot Tips For A Real Woman

Every woman knows what a perfect model of a man looks like: it is deaf and mute captain of the ship. But what is a perfect model of a wife? What a woman should be like in order any man to be happy to be with her?

Be Unpredictable

Coco Chanel used to mention in her interviews that if a woman wants to be irreplaceable, she should change all the time. It’s not only about clothes and makeup, it’s about your behavioral patterns as well. You can be a little helpless girl whom he wants to give a pat on the back today, a Goddess of sex obsessed with pleasures tomorrow, and a homey housewife the day after tomorrow. You can’t go wrong choosing such tactics because it works with any man and was clinically proven by thousands of women across the globe.

Accept Him The Way He Is

Remember that neither first kiss nor the wedding ring on your finger give you the right to make innumerable improvements in his outlooks and personality. He is adult and mature enough to live his life as he wants, so being a tricky and smart strategist is the best way to go if you want to correct his behavior. Don’t nag!

Be Trustworthy And Reliable

Men are weaker than they try to look like. They don’t confess, but they really DO need our help and support. BE supportive! Otherwise, he can try to search for this support somewhere else, and you don’t want it, do you?

Love Yourself!

Men hate girls with hang-ups. Nobody wants to mess with your fears and unsatisfied desires. Of course shy girls attract men sometimes, but this interest is of a purely utilitarian nature. Such girls are comfortable to live with, so if you are okay about being a roommate/mother/housekeeper for your man – go ahead and keep moaning that you are too fat/ugly/stupid. You can’t even imagine how easy it is to convince your sweetheart in your being the worst girl in the world.

Don’t Be Afraid To Argue

As weird as it may sound, conflicts are a “charger” for the relationships. So, the statement that claims that a perfect couple should live in peace and quiet all the time is nothing but a misconception. Quarrels are an integral and important part of your life, so don’t be scared of proving your point of view right (unless it is right). Just try to be fair and argumentative.

Don’t Try To Be His Friend

Once you’ve been living together for a year or so, the passion fades away and you find yourself living like friends or relatives. The chemistry in relationships is crucial, so if you feel that he considers you as his little sis or a best friend, try to change something. You don’t want your sexual relationships to remain incest, do you?

Talk To Him

Talk about anything that worries you. Don’t try to hide your feelings and emotions, chit-chat every time you see each other. Intercommunication combined with healthy amount of love, passion, warmth and understanding will turn any man into the happiest one in the world!

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