Tips for Those Who Travel With Pets

Your pets won’t get absorbed into a book during the travel. They won’t be constantly asking “Where are we now?” and won’t spill the juice all over the backseat. But they have their own natural demands which should be met during the trip so their owners are to plan carefully the necessary things and get ready all the items that may be required.

    • All the pets traveling together with their owners are to have the vet passports and the certificate of vaccination. Each time you go traveling you may use the luggage label with the address and contact information of the owner and the surety in the case if the owner is not available.

  • Before you set off make sure that you have the addresses of vet clinics on your way. You also should find out beforehand which means of transport don’t allow to carry the pets. Visit a vet together with your pet. It is possible that it will need a sedative drug as many pets feel fear and anxiety during the trip. Try to place your pet in a travel cage of container before the trip to make sure that it is accustomed to this item and is not afraid to be closed in it. Find the places on your route where it is allowed to stop with a pet. Try not to give your pet any food for five hours before the trip to avoid sickness and sub-health state.

  • The set of things you will take for your pet depends upon the way and distance of traveling. Take the favorite toys of your pet, the cleaning items (plastic bags and dust pan), cat mat, air fresher, cleaning gel, food, two bowls for food and water, the travel container for pets, vet passport with all the necessary vaccination marks, a dog lead and a couple of recent photos of your pet.
  • Make sure that your pet is able to enter the car without any problems. If you pet is worried before the trip it may traumatize itself trying to jump into the car. It will be safe if you will take it in your hands if possible.
  • If your pet feels uneasy in a car of seldom travels with you let it get acquainted with the place beforehand. It is sensible to go for a walk to the park and play with your pet before the trip. In that way traveling will cause pleasant associations.

  • Remember that your pet can easily be traumatized even in the smallest car accident. To avoid that use the special means of transporting the animals. Don’t use the safety belts to fix your pet as they are designed only for people. Use the special container of cage which will protect your pet in the case of collision.
  • When you are going to park your car make sure that you leave it in a shadow. Though it’s not a good idea to leave your pet in a car even for several minutes. The pets left without any supervision are often stolen. In other cases they may start panicking or be subjected to a heat stroke.
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