Top 10 Most Expensive Advertisements

It is a well-known fact that companies invest a lot of money in their promo campaigns. Paying thousands of dollars for a short ad may look ridiculous, but in fact, these campaigns turn out to be 100% ergonomically justified in no time. Let’s check the most expensive examples.

1. Apple’s Macintosh, 1984. $600, 000 for 60 second video. This ad was made by a famous movie director Ridley Scott. The video is not actually an advertisement in the full meaning of the word, but a short masterpiece of cinematography that echoes with Orwell’s “1984”.

2. Two years later, in 1896, Scott created another ad for W.R. Grace. The plot is quite controversial: we see the future (2017) and the trial where a bunch of kids judge a bureaucrat who owns the government a lot of money. The ad appeared to be too subversive and all the major TV channels refused to show it. Meanwhile, the production of this ad cost them about $300. 000.

3. BMW M5, 2001. Fallon agency created 8 short movies for BMW. This set of movies was a unique phenomenon for advertising industry because they were only promoted via the Internet and considered to be the art. The total cost of 8 movies was $25 million, and the most expensive one with Madonna directed by Guy Ritchie .

4. Pepsi, 2002. Britney Spears invites you to go for a journey through time with her and Pepsi of course. 90 seconds, $5, 4 million…

5. Chanel #5, 2004. This 4 minute ad was directed by Baz Lurhrmann, a famous director and the creator of Moulin Rouge movie, and cost $20 million. It features Nicole Kidman and the plot resembles the original Moulin Rouge screenplay.

6. Adidas, 2011. Katy Perry, B.o.B, David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Derrick Rose and other celebrities featured in this ad, and their presence cost Adidas $2, 1 million.

7. Chrysler, 2011. A beautiful, peaceful and philosophical short story about Detroit – a hometown of Chrysler. It cost a company $12 million, mostly due to Eminem’s participation.

8. Nike, 2010. It was the only large-scaled advertising campaign made by Nike in 2010. It was dedicated to football and features all the hottest football stars. The cost of the ad is unknown, but according to some estimates, it cost $24 million.

9. Monster vs Aliens, 2009. Pixar studious was in charge for making the promo video for this animated movie, and it cost them $10 million. As weird as it may sound, the lion’s share of the sum was spent on 3d glasses.

10. Guinnes, 2004. 90 seconds, $4,65 million. It took a company 10, 000 dominoes, 10, 000 books, 400 tires, 74 mirrors, 50 refrigerators and 5 cars to shoot this video.

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