I can’t stand my boyfriend’s friends.

I have been dating my boyfriend for about two years. Our relations are not easy. Anyway it seems like he is exactly who I need in my life. He is interesting and hardworking. By the way his name is Joe. We met at a party of our mutual friends. Sometimes he seems to be just a perfect guy. Even though people are not perfect at all. Anyway he is perfect. Why so? Well, he tries to do his best. He springs surprises and I like them very much. But I have a problem. I just can’t stand his friends. When we meet his friends Joe changes. It seems like he is absolutely different. They joke about stupid things and it is absolutely okay for them to joke about me in my presence. They are not interesting at all and they are not interested in anything. They are ready to hang out every single day just doing nothing. Girls, alcohol, parties are the only things they are interested in. They want to be cool but you know they are not cool at all. I’m bored when I meet them. They have no hobbies. Well, I think some of them go in for sport. But I’m not sure actually. If even they do it their aim is to attract chicks. Why so? Well, people who pay much attention to their health do not drink so much as they do. When Joe leaves me just for a moment I have know idea what I can discuss with them. We share no common interests. I do not know anything about cars. That’s another issue they are interested in. “Look at me I have bought new Ferrari”. So what? I wish you bought new brains. And what can I do? I mean it seems like my boyfriend like his friends. But they are so different. Joe is sporty and cares about his health. He doesn’t drink. He even has never tried to smoke a cigarette. His friends are confirmed smokers. Joe is interested in arts and he expresses his interest in classical music. We do have many common interests. We like to travel and go to cinema. So usually we meet his friends in the bars or at the parties.

I tried to discuss the problem with Joe. But it turned out that he was very touchy on that subject. At the same time he wants me to spend weekends along with his friends. That’s another problem. I mean Joe doesn’t want leave me just for a while. Actually he wants me to befriend with them. I do not want it and I’m not going to do it.

Sometimes it seems to me that the actual problem is me and about me. Yes, I’m not an easy-going person and sometimes I’m a little bit snobbish. Anyway I want to change the situation and I try to do my best. But I can’t stand some things at all that are just fine for my boyfriend’s friends. People are different but we are extremely different. What should I do?

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