Cindy Lee Garcia sues the director of Innocence of Muslims.

Cindy Lee Garcia sues the director of the movie Innocence of Muslims. She accuses the director of not informing her about the content of the film. Garcia admits that she had no idea what the message of this anti-Islam movie was initially. Moreover Garcia says that during the shooting the script was absolutely different and she could hardly imagine the film was insulting the Muslims and the prophet Muhammed. Garcia is sure that the footage was redone. She says that the words and dialogues during the shooting of the film were absolutely different. “The actors were deceived. My voice was dubbed, and it wasn't even my voice. I had no idea he did that until the trailer came out. My only part was the role of a mother talking to her husband, her daughter and this man named

Master George”. The producer of the film Nakoula Basseley Nakoula persuaded Garcia to participate in the project that ostensibly was going to be an adventure film. “It was going to be a film based on how things were 2000 ago. It wasn't based on anything to do with religion, it was just on how things were run in Egypt. There wasn't anything about Muhammed or Muslims or anything”, said Garcia. At the end it led to religious hatred. Millions of Muslims are protesting against Americans and their government. Innocence of Muslims appeared to be one of the most controversial and insulting movies aimed at Muslims and their culture. As the result four American citizens were killed by rioters in Libya.

Obviously the cast had a different script. It is seen by the movements of their lips. Nowadays Garcia demands YouTube to remove this movie. YouTube refused her requirements.

It is not surprising Garcia has been threatened since the trailer of the film appeared on the Internet. And of course the movie has damaged Garcia's reputation.


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