Extreme Cosmetics

Composition with makeup brushes and broken multicolor eye shadows
The incredibly fast tempo of the modern life in a big city is already an extreme stress for out body. The spontaneous business trip, non-planned bike trip, last minute travel offers make the forced adrenaline seekers dig into their backpacks searching for cosmetics bags forgotten at home. It often happens when there is no place for some beauty kit in your backpack. That is why it is necessary to choose the large and comfortable one. If you have searched through your bags but still can’t find some necessary cream or lipstick you have to reason to get desperate. There are no cosmetic items that can’t be replaced by something else. However it is recommended to plan your trip beforehand in order not to search for the lost or forgotten cosmetics in the new place.

Extreme hair care.
Body lotion and hair conditioner may replace each other. However avoid applying such lotions or conditioner onto your face. Hair fixation gel or hair conditioner may be used instead of shaving foam successfully. In case you have no hair conditioner apply the whipped cream or mayo onto your hair. The fresh raw eggs will also be great. Use more water to wash these natural agents off.
If your hair looks dull and dry you may make them shiny again. Wash them with strong black tea. After that rub a couple of olive oil drops into your hair. Avoid using too much oil, otherwise your hair will look greasy.
If your hair won’t lay smooth use moisture cream. Take as much as a pea and rub it into your hair.
Facials and decorative cosmetics.
These tips may even inspire you to make your own organic cosmetics as well. For example almond paste will be the perfect exfoliant for the dry and sensitive skin. Add ground blanched almonds to the whipped cream and apply this mixture onto your face in gentle massaging motions. It is important to process almonds beforehand in order to make the seeds softer.
In case you have no lipstick try the following trick. Add some blush to the plain lip balm. By the way, you may make your own lip balm if you haven’t one.
If you have got sun burnt apply some cool yogurt right onto your face. If you have got some breakouts, rush or pimples use the plain baking soda. Make the thick paste of soda and water. Apply the small amount right onto the red pimple. Soda will sooth your skin and relieve the redness and inflammation.
Have you forgot your eye make-up remover? Use linen, sesame or olive oil for that.
Toothbrush will help you to groom your eyelashes and eyebrows.
Sooth from a burnt match will help you to replace eyeliner and dark eyeshadow.
You may use mascara to groom and style your eyebrows as well. Some fixation gel will make the separate sticking out hairs of your eyebrows stay in place.
A good idea is to add some peach eyeshadow to the moisture cream and use it like bronzer or highlighter.


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