Extreme Cosmetics

Composition with makeup brushes and broken multicolor eye shadows
The incredibly fast tempo of the modern life in a big city is already an extreme stress for out body. The spontaneous business trip, non-planned bike trip, last minute travel offers make the forced adrenaline seekers dig into their backpacks searching for cosmetics bags forgotten at home. It often happens when there is no place for some beauty kit in your backpack. That is why it is necessary to choose the large and comfortable one. If you have searched through your bags but still can’t find some necessary cream or lipstick you have to reason to get desperate. There are no cosmetic items that can’t be replaced by something else. However it is recommended to plan your trip beforehand in order not to search for the lost or forgotten cosmetics in the new place.
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Pope Joan

There is an ancient legend that under the name of Pope John the Eighth was hiding a women. She was said to occupy this position for several years. It is an interesting fact that her existence wasn’t denied even by the heads of Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages and the serious dis-confirmations were provided only in the late seventeenth century. In the Cathedral in Sienna her sculpture bust can be found among the depictions of the Popes. At the present time the opinion of Vatican is clear. The clergy suppose that it was just a legend aimed to cut up the respect of the Roman Catholic Church.

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How To Become A Woman That A Man Will Never Ever Leave: 7 Hot Tips For A Real Woman

Every woman knows what a perfect model of a man looks like: it is deaf and mute captain of the ship. But what is a perfect model of a wife? What a woman should be like in order any man to be happy to be with her?

Be Unpredictable

Coco Chanel used to mention in her interviews that if a woman wants to be irreplaceable, she should change all the time. It’s not only about clothes and makeup, it’s about your behavioral patterns as well. You can be a little helpless girl whom he wants to give a pat on the back today, a Goddess of sex obsessed with pleasures tomorrow, and a homey housewife the day after tomorrow. You can’t go wrong choosing such tactics because it works with any man and was clinically proven by thousands of women across the globe.

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6 signs of being a shopaholic

How often do you buy new things? Don’t be in a hurry, the question is important! Answering it, you should consider all your recent purchases in order to be objective. The fact is that the modern consumer situation is the following: greater variety of goods gives a greater desire to buy. You have what to choose and that’s why you must choose at least anything and spend your money on it.

As far as you can understand, here I would like to speak about the new disease of the modern world – shopaholism. The saddest thing about this is not only women suffering from this thing, but also men. Though, statistics say the percentage of women-shopaholics is much bigger, so let’s speak about constantly buying girls.

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The Rules of the First Date

Much has been already said about how the girls should behave and what to say during the first date, yet there still remain questions without answers. Let’s summarize our knowledge concerning this topic and prepare for your greatest adventure – the first date.

The preparation begins far before this event – you choose what to wear, try not to eat much on the previous day in order to have a flat stomach at least for one evening, you may even decide to go to hairdresser. I know that some of you will disagree with me, but I will nevertheless risk saying – it is all pointless. Yes, you have heard me right, I think the most important thing is to look natural, to feel comfortable in your clothes and be yourself. Do you really think that the guy will notice that your skirt is fashionable and expensive? Believe me, it is your smile and your shining eyes that will attract him more than any dress.

Next, a few words about what to say. It is quiet easy – say what you want, do not pretend to be someone else. If the guy do not want to accept the real you, than there is no reason to continue dating him. I advice you also to listen to your partner attentively and do not interrupt him. Ask questions, show that you are interested in him, but try not to be annoying, some questions are not permitted on the first date, like, for example, how much money he earns and what is the number of his ex girlfriends. As for the topic of exes, avoid it completely! Do not compare him to your previous boyfriend even mentally, though I know this task may be hard to perform.

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How to Make a Fancy Soap At Home

Soap is a must have item one should have at home, moreover there are different kinds of soap having various purposes applied to a lot of things to do. You can use soap for cleaning your linen, washing hands, and use as a good care for your skin. It is also a good gift to hand to your dearest friends especially if you make a fancy piece yourself at the same time establishing your passion for creativity and imagination and putting your heart to this amazing present.

What will you need to create a beautiful soap at home? It is all simple: you will need a kitchen with a microwave or an oven, a soap base and various oils: aromatic ones and those you would like to add to the soap as an addition which is beneficial for skin.

So here are a few pieces of advice you can follow to produce a soap:

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