Top 5 Scariest Movies Ever

The popularity of a horror film depends upon whether its plot will be able to scare or shock the viewers. The horrors that became classic ones once became the reason for repeating nightmares and insomnia among two or three generations, but nowadays they can hardly be found scary. A few decades age they were revolutionary and unique. But according to the modern standard they lack emotional strain and action. So what movies can be considered to be the best examples of the horror film industry today? Here is the list of movies every horror addict must see.

  • The Ring is likely to become a new horror movie standard. Its plot is very simple. The cursed tape containing scary images and everyone who watches it will be killed by the girl crawling out of toe telly in a few days. Hollywood made a remake of the Asian original move quite successfully though the American version received a number of negative comments from the critics. Anyway this movie manages to keep the viewer in tension up to the end. The scary appearance of the ghostly girl is reminding of a corpse so there’s no need to follow the events to experience fear.

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