Red Swastika Society.

Recently I came across very interesting information concerning swastika symbolism. The point is that I get used to swastika as to an inherent symbol of Fascism and Hitler’s ideology of racial purity (Nazis by the way adopted the right-facing swastika). Well, I know of course that swastika is a solar ornament used mainly in Indian religions, especially in Hinduism and Buddhism. But frankly speaking I learned about it only at high school.

Anyway I was raised in Western culture and acknowledged better Western symbols, stereotypes and philosophy. At least I know them better than others. So first of all I learned about swastika as a symbol of the Nazis and then about Eastern meaning of this ornament. Things went upside down in my mind when I found the initial meaning of swastika. Several years I associated this symbol, which by the way literally means “to be good”, with Fascism, the Holocaust and other war atrocities of the II World war. The swastika was disgraced and in many countries still serves as symbol of nationalism. While in Eastern Asia the situation is completely different and swastika serves as a symbol of all virtues of the world.

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