Pope Joan

There is an ancient legend that under the name of Pope John the Eighth was hiding a women. She was said to occupy this position for several years. It is an interesting fact that her existence wasn’t denied even by the heads of Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages and the serious dis-confirmations were provided only in the late seventeenth century. In the Cathedral in Sienna her sculpture bust can be found among the depictions of the Popes. At the present time the opinion of Vatican is clear. The clergy suppose that it was just a legend aimed to cut up the respect of the Roman Catholic Church.

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How To Become A Woman That A Man Will Never Ever Leave: 7 Hot Tips For A Real Woman

Every woman knows what a perfect model of a man looks like: it is deaf and mute captain of the ship. But what is a perfect model of a wife? What a woman should be like in order any man to be happy to be with her?

Be Unpredictable

Coco Chanel used to mention in her interviews that if a woman wants to be irreplaceable, she should change all the time. It’s not only about clothes and makeup, it’s about your behavioral patterns as well. You can be a little helpless girl whom he wants to give a pat on the back today, a Goddess of sex obsessed with pleasures tomorrow, and a homey housewife the day after tomorrow. You can’t go wrong choosing such tactics because it works with any man and was clinically proven by thousands of women across the globe.

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