Autumn Crisis and How to Deal with It

Summer was always a little separate life for me. New people, exciting impressions, mini-dresses and heels, sunbathing and swimming in all possible reservoirs – what other season of the year can compare with summer in the amount of interesting events? No wonder that when summer is over we feel sad. As for me, I suffer a kind of real autumn depression each time the leaves fall down from the trees. Besides, I suffer the strongest strokes of mototoxicosis as cold weather makes it impossible to ride on the bike.

However, recently I have decided that there is no point in wasting a part of my life on mourning and regretting the end of crazy summer nights. So, I stopped dreaming of the roar of motorcycle’s engines and start implementing the measures for fighting autumn depression.

First, I chose new bright wallpaper for my room in order to replace the lack of colors outside with this artificial brightness. Besides, I try to use daytime to the full extent and enjoy sunshine till the darkness fall.

The next step is to deal with the absence of fresh impressions. It appeared to be simple – you just need to create the new ones yourself. I subscribed for dancing lessons and start visiting exhibitions and theater instead of hugging a pillow at home.

There is also a physiological reason of autumn sadness – as the amount of vitamins we accept with food considerably decreases and it deprives us of a part of our energy. So, it is essential to include more vegetables and fruits in your daily ration. Cold weather is another unpleasant factor of autumn season so dress up always according to the temperature outside to prevent yourself from freezing and getting negative emotions.

Finally, do not forget that summer comes and passes but the life continues.

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