How to survive at school

Once on my way from work I met my 15-year-old neighbor’s daughter. We were walking home together, and during our half hour walk she told me some pretty private things. Honestly I didn’t expect such difficulties could happen to a young girl, and nevertheless I was glad she open her heart to me that day. Well, the thing was that the girl, let’s call her Ann, suffered from her classmate’s attacks. She is a good student, and as a result not that popular with the ‘bad girls’. She told me the guys threw or hide her bag and laugh at her. The problem of that nice girl were huge, though there were no reasons for it: she is quite good-looking, smart and funny, but…shy. Anyway the fact she told it to me was the first step of solving her problem. So many young people keep silence about the bullying at school. It’s good when a teenager will tell his or her relatives or teachers about it. Your parents can really help you, it’s really great to feel support and love. Moreover sometimes the parents of the offender have no idea of their child horrible behavior, so they will be punished and you’ll have a chance to stop these scoffing. The main thing still is not to react to the attacks. The offenders are waiting for you to cry and be upset and mad. Don’t give them a chance to see you in the other state, don’t let them win. The thing is that people who behave this way quite often aren’t that smart, and are ‘tuning up’ for this destructive wave, you will accept the rules of this clottish game. The positive reaction on the outrage can disarm a rowdy. And don’t recollect in your head the details of the quarrel, don’t waste your precious time.

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