Extreme Cosmetics

Composition with makeup brushes and broken multicolor eye shadows
The incredibly fast tempo of the modern life in a big city is already an extreme stress for out body. The spontaneous business trip, non-planned bike trip, last minute travel offers make the forced adrenaline seekers dig into their backpacks searching for cosmetics bags forgotten at home. It often happens when there is no place for some beauty kit in your backpack. That is why it is necessary to choose the large and comfortable one. If you have searched through your bags but still can’t find some necessary cream or lipstick you have to reason to get desperate. There are no cosmetic items that can’t be replaced by something else. However it is recommended to plan your trip beforehand in order not to search for the lost or forgotten cosmetics in the new place.
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Pope Joan

There is an ancient legend that under the name of Pope John the Eighth was hiding a women. She was said to occupy this position for several years. It is an interesting fact that her existence wasn’t denied even by the heads of Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages and the serious dis-confirmations were provided only in the late seventeenth century. In the Cathedral in Sienna her sculpture bust can be found among the depictions of the Popes. At the present time the opinion of Vatican is clear. The clergy suppose that it was just a legend aimed to cut up the respect of the Roman Catholic Church.

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Cindy Lee Garcia sues the director of Innocence of Muslims.

Cindy Lee Garcia sues the director of the movie Innocence of Muslims. She accuses the director of not informing her about the content of the film. Garcia admits that she had no idea what the message of this anti-Islam movie was initially. Moreover Garcia says that during the shooting the script was absolutely different and she could hardly imagine the film was insulting the Muslims and the prophet Muhammed. Garcia is sure that the footage was redone. She says that the words and dialogues during the shooting of the film were absolutely different. “The actors were deceived. My voice was dubbed, and it wasn't even my voice. I had no idea he did that until the trailer came out. My only part was the role of a mother talking to her husband, her daughter and this man named

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Autumn Crisis and How to Deal with It

Summer was always a little separate life for me. New people, exciting impressions, mini-dresses and heels, sunbathing and swimming in all possible reservoirs – what other season of the year can compare with summer in the amount of interesting events? No wonder that when summer is over we feel sad. As for me, I suffer a kind of real autumn depression each time the leaves fall down from the trees. Besides, I suffer the strongest strokes of mototoxicosis as cold weather makes it impossible to ride on the bike.

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Vocational education.

Vocational education trains students non-academic skills. As the rule vocational jobs include manual work. And it doesn’t require much education and additional trainings. To work as a carpenter or electrician means to do vocational job. Usually to get vocational education you need to enroll for the two-year community college.

In the United States you may gain vocational experience at junior high schools or at high schools which offer classes in vocational education including home economics, shop classes, auto repair, typing. So in fact getting vocational education you learn and improve technical skills.

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I can’t stand my boyfriend’s friends.

I have been dating my boyfriend for about two years. Our relations are not easy. Anyway it seems like he is exactly who I need in my life. He is interesting and hardworking. By the way his name is Joe. We met at a party of our mutual friends. Sometimes he seems to be just a perfect guy. Even though people are not perfect at all. Anyway he is perfect. Why so? Well, he tries to do his best. He springs surprises and I like them very much. But I have a problem. I just can’t stand his friends. When we meet his friends Joe changes. It seems like he is absolutely different. They joke about stupid things and it is absolutely okay for them to joke about me in my presence. They are not interesting at all and they are not interested in anything. They are ready to hang out every single day just doing nothing. Girls, alcohol, parties are the only things they are interested in. They want to be cool but you know they are not cool at all. I’m bored when I meet them. They have no hobbies. Well, I think some of them go in for sport. But I’m not sure actually. If even they do it their aim is to attract chicks. Why so? Well, people who pay much attention to their health do not drink so much as they do. When Joe leaves me just for a moment I have know idea what I can discuss with them. We share no common interests. I do not know anything about cars. That’s another issue they are interested in. “Look at me I have bought new Ferrari”. So what? I wish you bought new brains. And what can I do? I mean it seems like my boyfriend like his friends. But they are so different. Joe is sporty and cares about his health. He doesn’t drink. He even has never tried to smoke a cigarette. His friends are confirmed smokers. Joe is interested in arts and he expresses his interest in classical music. We do have many common interests. We like to travel and go to cinema. So usually we meet his friends in the bars or at the parties.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Advertisements

It is a well-known fact that companies invest a lot of money in their promo campaigns. Paying thousands of dollars for a short ad may look ridiculous, but in fact, these campaigns turn out to be 100% ergonomically justified in no time. Let’s check the most expensive examples.

1. Apple’s Macintosh, 1984. $600, 000 for 60 second video. This ad was made by a famous movie director Ridley Scott. The video is not actually an advertisement in the full meaning of the word, but a short masterpiece of cinematography that echoes with Orwell’s “1984”.

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